The Platform solution for modern day Learning.
Learning is no longer just what the business says it is, it’s what the learners make of it with each other.
We call it Sideways.
Welcome to better workplace learning.

Outdated and boring systems, are no longer fit for today’s modern learners. We think learning needs liberating, not managing. That's why we built Sideways. Knowledge should be easy to bank, search, ask for, and share - by anyone for everyone. We fundamentally believe in ‘always be learning’.

Learning humans, people helping people.

Modern learners are curious. They search for knowledge - and ask others for help if it's not available. Making sense of learning happens between people - turning 'left and right' to inquire, share experiences, collaborate ideas and apply learnings together. Sideways dynamically captures these behaviours into human led learning technology.

What we have heard.
star star star star star
“Sideways looks like something Apple built”
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"All our knowledge in one place not all over the place”
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"Our people can learn what they need, then want they want too”
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“It’s finally fixed our learning engagement”
Towards better knowledge-based cultures.

Sideways acts like an organisations brain, where all the smarts are in one place. Democratising access to this knowledge, then continually adding to it, building new people capabilities, at the same time improving consistency and productivity. No matter the team size, organisation or industry.

Sharing Sideways Globally.

Being a modern platform enables us to share knowledge wider than just internally. Now more than ever, people want to help each other. Sideways lets you share knowledge within your organisation by default, or across industries, or - and we think this is a hit - globally (externally). We want Sideways to be a rising tide that enables our client communities to support each other, share knowledge and build total capabilities that benefit everyone.

Productivity costs.

On average (across any business or industry) people loose 1+ hours a week due to the fact, they can’t find what they need, they get stuck, or their training is inadequate (the list goes on). In dollar terms for a business the size of 20 people that equates to a loss of 20 hours or $400.00 per week*. That’s close to $2000.00 per month or a whopping $20,000.00 per year. That’s not to mention what they could of done with their time. Implementing Sideways for a business of 20 people, for a year costs $1000.00. You do the math.

Other proven benefits when you let people ask for help include:

Higher job satisfaction & performance


New hire success


Better learning


Less stress & happier teams

*Based on an average hourly income of $20.00